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Priority Number One

SDG #4 - Quality Education

We believe education is foundational to unlocking the potential in everyone, and will lay the groundwork for solutions to the other SDGs.

We’ve set our first priority on transforming the way people learn. We believe education should be personal and adapt to your unique needs.

Introducing Pioneer Adaptive Learning.

Our Approach

Adaptive Learning

One size does not fit all when it comes to education. Central to Pioneer is what we call adaptive learning. Utilizing biometrics and neuroscience we are able to detect when a learner is distracted and offer help or slow things down so they are never left behind. When they are fully engaged we can speed things up, or dive deeper into a topic that has captured their attention. Education should be personalized.


Virtual Reality

VR offers limitless, experiential learning, at a fraction of the cost.

People learn best by doing - and making mistakes. Virtual Reality is an immersive, psychologically-safe place that allows people to learn, and make msitakes, without risks.


Data and Insights

Performance and other metrics can be measured and recorded throughout the learning experience. This data is then processed into insights that are viewed through a management dashboard, so you always know how well your people are progressing.


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